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Master Class Sessions ‘Data-driven Innovation Beyond the Hype’

Data-driven innovation aims to support business opportunities enabled by exploiting and leveraging diverse industrial and business data sources. While a lot of attention is currently given to examples by major internet companies (e.g., Google, Amazon, Facebook), data science can also be very valuable to innovate within other research and industrial domains and within SMEs, e.g., to derive insights from experimental data, to profile products and customers, to optimize production processes, to predict the failure of machines, or even to build data-centered startups.

The Master Class Sessions are of interest to everyone who needs to translate business opportunities into solvable technological problems, who wants to explore the new opportunities that are generated by the increasingly available stream of data, or who needs to steer or participate in a team of data scientists. Each of these sessions can be followed independently of one another. All the theoretical data knowledge is illustrated by actual industrial cases from current Data Innovation projects at Sirris.

The course schedule is regularly updated with sessions on additional topics.

Having a clear idea of the business opportunity and having a library of intelligent algorithms at your disposal is not sufficient for realizing a data-driven solution. Having a detailed understanding of the available data in order to derive viable working hypotheses about the underlying mechanisms of the problem under study is just as important. Is the data suitable to solve the business challenge? Is it of the right quality and nature? What data is missing, if any? Does the data exhibit significant patterns and trends that can be exploited to model and understand better the problem under study?

In this session several data exploration approaches will be discussed, with particular attention for numerical and visual data exploration techniques.

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Modules coming up (Autumn 2017):

  • The art of formulating a data science task
  • The necessity of data preparation
  • Choosing the right algorithm for the right task

Each of the sessions can be followed independently of one another.


  • € 380/session
  • Early bird rate (registration more than 4 weeks in advance): € 330/session
  • Training in residence: starting from 4 people of the same company, we can organize this course at your company’s premises. This is offered at a fixed price of € 1200 for 4 participants (€ 150 per additional participants, with a maximum of 10 participants in total). In this case, please contact Caroline Mair ( Furthermore, we also offer on-request sessions on particular data innovation challenges you are facing. Feel free to contact us for more information.

The course notes are included in the registration price.

If you are a Flemish SME you can also make use of the SME portfolio. For more information, please visit or contact us (

EluciDATA core user group members benefit from a discount on the subscription fee (50% for demonstrator ambassadors/committed technology experts, 25% for engaged advisors, and 10% for the satellite interest group).

Each of the sessions starts at 13:00 and ends at 17:30. The sessions are organized at one of the Sirris sites (indicated per session). Each of the locations is easily reachable, and provides sufficient parking possibility. Route descriptions per site can be found on